A trading account that is both dependable as well as efficient is crucial in the fast-paced world of online trading. It’s the reason we provide a variety of trading accounts that are tailored to meet the demands from traders worldwide. You can choose from two different types of Exness broker account types, one for a novice or an established user seeking advanced features.


What is Demo account

Before immersing yourself in live trading, it's imperative to gain hands-on experience and refine your strategies. Demo acc allows you to operate in a simulated environment with virtual funds, presenting a risk-free opportunity to explore the platform and hone your skills.

How to register

Getting started with a Demo account is a swift and straightforward process. Visit the exness.com, follow the standard sign up process, and receive virtual funds to practice in real market conditions.

How it works

With a Demo acc, you gain access to most of the features and tools provided. Experiment with diverse strategies, test various indicators, and acquaint yourself with the user-friendly interface.


When you open a Demo acc, you have the ability to set the initial virtual balance manually. Additionally, you can replenish or modify your balance with a single button click.


While this Exness account type provides an excellent environment for learning and practicing, there are a few limitations to be aware of.

Firstly, the use of social trading is not available here.

Furthermore, participation in tournaments is also restricted.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Risk-free environment for practice Some features are restricted
Access to real-time market data Does not allow you to earn real money
Opportunity to test strategies without financial risk
Open Demo

Standard trading accounts

What are Standard trading accounts

Standard Standard Cent
The Standard account, ideal for novices, offers a minuscule initial payment of $1, with unchanging spreads commencing at 0.2p and a total absence of commission fees. It grants entry to an extensive array of instruments, accommodating users with diverse financial constraints. The Standard Cent account confers identical merits and advantages as the Standard account, but with the added advantage of operating in minuscule denominations, denoted in cents. This facilitates diminutive lot sizes, thereby mitigating risk exposure and fostering gradual skill refinement and progression.

How to register

All you have to do is to go straight to “My Accounts” tab, press “Open New Account” and choose the one you need from the list

How it works

The Standard accs operate with fixed spreads, starting from as low as 0.3p. This means that the gap between the buying and selling prices remains constant, providing you with greater predictability in your costs. This and 0 fees on operations, making it the best Exness accounts types option for beginners.


There are key characteristics that make it an attractive choice for novice and middle users:

The account requires only a min deposit of $1, making it accessible to users with any budget.

The account operates with fixed spreads, allowing for easier budgeting and cost management.

You don't have to pay for any transactions here.


While this acc has many advantages, it also comes with some limitations that you should be aware of:

Unlike some other Exness types of accounts, Standard accounts don’t provide access to ECN liquidity.

Max lot size 200$

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Low min deposit payment, making it accessible for beginners. No access to ECN liquidity.
Fixed spreads for easy budgeting and cost management. Maximum lot size 200$
Huge amount of instruments available. Comparatively low order execution time
User-friendly interface, perfect for novices.
Standard Accounts

Professional accounts

What are Professional accounts

Raw Spread Zero Pro
For ones seeking tight spreads and the fastest execution speeds, the Raw Spread acc is the perfect choice. With starting spreads from 0.0p, access to ECN liquidity, and leverage options up to 1:2000, it presents competitive prices. Keep in mind, a min payment of $200 is required, and there's a commission charge up to $3.5 per lot. For ones seeking tight spreads and the fastest execution speeds, the Raw Spread acc is the perfect choice. With starting spreads from 0.0p, access to ECN liquidity, and leverage options up to 1:2000, it presents competitive prices. Keep in mind, a min payment of $200 is required, and there's a commission charge up to $3.5 per lot. Tailored for professionals and institutional clients, the Pro account delivers optimal conditions. With custom spreads, ECN liquidity, and instant execution, it enables precise strategies. It presents leverage options up to 1:2000, a min payment of $200, and importantly, no fees.

How to register

It’s a simple and straightforward process. Visit exness.com and click on the "Open an Account" button. Opt the desired variation, fill in the necessary information and press “continue”. Once your application is approved, you'll gain access to all the exclusive features and benefits.

How it works

Benefit from tight spreads and fast operation speeds, and explore the extensive range of instruments available. Increase your turnover, and with it your profits. With a Professional acc, you have the tools and resources to take your trading to new heights.


Exness Professional accs boast several key characteristics that make them a preferred choice for experienced traders:

Professional accs present tighter spreads, faster execution speeds, and access to ECN liquidity, ensuring optimal conditions.

Orders are executed in fractions of a second.

Lower spreads.


While Exness Professional accs present numerous advantages, it's essential to be aware of their limitations. These limitations include:

Professional accounts require a higher min deposit compared to other accs.

Depending on the acc type, Professional accounts may have commission charges applied to operations.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Tighter spreads  Higher min payment requirements compared to other account types.
Bigger maximum lot size Commission charges on trades for some account types.
Faster execution speeds.
Professional Accounts


What is VIP account

Preferred Elite Signature
The Preferred tier of Exness types of accounts presents numerous exceptional advantages. Gain access to priority customer support for prompt assistance, exclusive tailored educational materials, enhanced analytics with additional Trading Central services, and access to top-notch fundamental and technical analysis sources. Additionally, enjoy special promotions and rewards, including exciting gifts and cash rewards. The Elite tier of types of Exness accounts presents enhanced benefits beyond the Preferred tier. Enjoy personalized and prioritized assistance from a dedicated manager, prompt handling of requests, and valuable insights. Also engage in face-to-face meetings with your manager to discuss new products and services and expand your opportunities. At the peak of excellence, the Signature tier of Exness Premier VIP presents an unparalleled experience. Access exclusive privileges of the Preferred and Elite tiers. Connect directly with C-suite executives, attend world-class networking events, and enjoy exclusive trading conditions to explore new horizons.

How to register

Registering a Premier acc is not as simple as filling out a form or clicking a button. Instead, eligibility for the Premier Program is based on meeting specific criteria and achieving certain trading values. 

How it works

To progress to the Preferred tier of Exness type of accs, you need to maintain a quarterly trading volume of 50m USD. This means actively engaging in trades and reaching a significant volume to demonstrate your commitment and expertise in the market.


Each tier of VIP account has its own set of requirements that traders must meet to qualify. Let's take a closer look at the characteristics and qualifications for each stage:


The only limitation is that to remain in the Preferred tier, you must consistently achieve a corresponding trading volume

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Exclusive privileges and benefits Loss of VIP privileges if requirements are not met
Priority customer support Difficulty in obtaining
Personalized assistance from acc managers
Access to educational materials and enhanced analytics
Special promotions, rewards, and networking opportunities
Premier program

Social Trading

What is Social Trading account

Standard Pro Investment
Standard account is the perfect starting point for strategy providers. With a lower min payment requirement of $500, you can jump into the world of social trading with ease. Enjoy market execution and benefit from low and stable spreads, ensuring that your trades are executed efficiently and cost-effectively. For those ready to take their strategy provider journey to the next level, the Pro account presents advanced features and enhanced benefits. With a higher min payment of $2000, you gain access to instant execution, the lowest and most stable spreads, and the ability to execute trades with precision and speed. If you're not yet ready to become a strategy provider but still want to benefit from social trading, we present investment accounts. With these accs, you can allocate funds to the strategies of successful users and let their expertise work for you. Choose from a wide range of strategies and diversify your investment portfolio effortlessly.

How to register

To register Social Trading acc, go to the corresponding tab in your Personal Area, click join and follow some simple steps to confirm your identity.

How it works

As a strategy provider, you play a crucial role in the social trading ecosystem. Here's how it works:

Share your performance and strategies with the community, attracting followers who wish to replicate your operations.

Followers can allocate their funds to replicate your trades automatically.

As a strategy provider, you earn additional income based on the volume executed by your followers.


Social Trading accs present several key characteristics that benefit strategy providers:

Absence of commissions: No extra fees are imposed for transactions conducted by your followers.

Max leverage: Both the Social Standard and Social Pro accounts offer a maximum leverage of 1:200, enabling you to optimize your potential.

Diverse instruments: Trade a wide range of financial instruments, providing ample opportunities to diversify your portfolio.


While social trading accs present numerous advantages, it's important to be aware of certain limitations:

Min lot size: The min lot size for both Social Standard and Social Pro accounts is 0.01.

Margin call and stop out levels: The margin call and stop out levels for social trading profiles are set at 30% and 0% respectively.

Order execution: The Social Standard acc presents market execution, while the Social Pro provides instant execution for forex and metals.

 Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Additional income generated by your followers The weight of responsibility rests upon your shoulders as the arbiter of financial destiny for your followers
Opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with people Your income is dependent on the number and activity of your followers
Social Trading
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What do you need to open an Exness account?

All you have to do is click on the registration button and enter your login and password. However, to trade with real money, you will need to provide some additional information

How many accounts can you have on Exness?

You can have multiple accounts, as there is no specified limit to the number of accounts you can open.

Does Exness have an Islamic Account option?

Yes, Exness presents Islamic swap-free accounts that comply with Shariah principles.

Which Exness account is best?

The best Exness type of accounts depends on your preferences and requirements. The Standard acc is developed special for beginners, while the Pro acc presents proficient features for advanced users.

What is the difference between standard and pro accounts on Exness?

The Pro accs usually have a higher min payment, lower spreads, and present instant execution.

How to delete Exness account?

To delete your Exness account, simply click on the corresponding button in the drop-down list.